The 3-element game reward is the law of the coin pusher!

The coin pusher can be played in the physical casino or through the mobile phone app. Is there any way to crack such an intriguing coin pusher? Today, let us take you to master the 3 elements, and immediately help you win the coin pusher game rewards easily!

coin pusher win money 3 elements

Element 1, pay attention to the fixed point of the wiper of the coin pusher
Element 2, pay attention to the frequency of the spin mechanism of the coin pusher
Element three, pay attention to the speed of the coin machine
Through the above 3 major elements and actual combat experience, players can get some coin pusher skills and methods from them, and slowly improve their coin pusher technology, and then they can evolve to suit themselves, and every time they can The method of winning a big victory, how to keep the three elements in step, actually takes time to accumulate slowly. There is no absolute quick way to help you master the coin pusher right away. Only after years of practice can you become a consummate master. coin pusher technology, but we still have some 3 elements of learning points to share with you, please continue to read:

The speed of the coin pusher

When you adjust the wiper to any position, at this time you start to count your coin speed in seconds, when you press the button of the coin, the time starts to count until the game coins/tokens drop at The timing will stop when the Spin is turned off. At this time, you can find out the average speed of the coin by testing several times, which will be the speed of the coin slot machine.

The fixed point of the wiper of the coin pusher

Generally speaking, the wiper of the coin pusher will have three fixed points, namely left, right, and middle. At this time, you need to choose the position of the wiper, know which way to hit, and slowly find out the frequency of the spin mechanism.

Frequency of coin pusher mechanism

Usually, the Spin mechanism of the coin pusher is the mechanism that runs back and forth in the middle of the coin pusher. When the game token/coin falls from the wiper, it will start to trigger the game program after passing through the Spin mechanism. This screen starts It will trigger various small games. At this time, you will find that when more and more programs are triggered by the game, the probability of the game screen appearing will increase. The Spin mechanism can be timed in seconds. We need to remember to go from the right to the How much time is needed on the left, that is, how many seconds it takes to remember, and then the average value of the Spin mechanism is captured through repeated tests, which is the frequency we will use in the future.

Summary of the odds of winning the coin machine

In fact, as long as players can master the three elements and skills we have taught you above, and gradually accumulate them through time and actual combat, they can become a master of slot machines. No one can hinder your growth, as long as you play more, fight more, and do more With practice, you can learn how to play that suits you!

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