Slot machine principle crack

This is a one-way betting method that all online casinos love to use. As long as you read this article, you will definitely have a deeper understanding of the principle of slot machines. Then, with the blessing of the sure-win method, apply the following You can definitely win big in slot machine games, improve your chances of winning, win big prizes and make a fortune in one fell swoop, let’s start explaining today’s content right away: “Slot machine principle cracking | A trick that all casinos love to use The sure-fire betting method!”

Slot machine principle crack

Whether it is a physical casino or a slot machine in an online casino, the design principle is a single-line machine or a multi-line machine. With these two as the main design principles, even if the slot machine has various themes, Appearance, but in the design of the main program of all slot machines, most of them are pseudo-primitive calculation methods, and the so-called pseudo-primitive calculation methods of slot machines are calculated by using the random random operation method in the slot machine. Fa, does this sound very abstract? Let us illustrate with an example!

For example: Suppose player A invested 1 yuan, but did not win this round, and player B also invested 1 yuan, but won the prize in this round, that is to say, in the same slot machine, we invested the same value of Money, although both A and B are the first slot machine game of the day, but for the slot machine game table, the chips put in by player B become the result of the second slot machine game, which is the so-called pseudo-original number calculation method. .

Do slot machine rebate values matter?

When you press the start button every time you put in chips and press the stop button the next second, the game result of the slot machine is already doomed. We can know that the rebate probability of almost all slot machines is more than 80%, but the detailed The setting is unknown, because this setting is related to the profit, business, and commercial secrets of the casino, and the current slot machine games can set the rebate value of 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, do not underestimate These rebate values, these slot machine rebate values are very influential to players.

For example, suppose the slot machine table we played today is 80%, which means that when we put in 100 yuan, the dealer will get 20 yuan, and the remaining 80 yuan will go back to the player, which means that The player will lose money at the end of the bet, and as long as 5 consecutive rounds, the player will have no money left, so when you bet randomly without any strategy, you will eventually become the loser of the slot machine.

How to use the slot machine pseudo-primitive number calculation method to make money?

From the previous chapter, we can know that the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is a generator of random time results, and the calculation method of the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is “time * number of rounds / multiple chips = result”, we can imagine that today we Pressing the stop button every 2 seconds will generate benefits in fixed odd or even-numbered rounds, that is to say, under the state of the chip multiplier we use, there may be 12 yuan winning, 18 yuan not winning, 10 yuan wins, 15 yuan does not win, etc. At this time, when the three condition values reach the basic value of the slot machine, usually our player’s winning probability will come to 90% or even 100%, and there will continue to exist after reaching the standard value of 10 % of slot machines are designed with floating value, so how do we judge this floating value, we need to accumulate rich experience!


The principle design of slot machines and slot machines is complicated, but it is not that complicated. As long as we can find a set of slot machine routines and processes, we can draw a set of formulas for making money betting. Gamblers almost have their own set of slot machine winning formulas, and they will not easily teach others or outflow strategies. At this time, if we also want to have our own set of slot machine money-making betting methods, we need to crack them ourselves. way, then start from understanding the principles mentioned above!

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