Online casino fishing machine strategy!

Fishing machine is a very popular online casino game now

but in fact, fishing machine has been popular for more than ten years, and fishing machine is a very long-lived game, many people will be crazy about fishing machine , and then derived a skill and gameplay. In Japan, the predecessor of fishing machines was a game of goldfish fishing. Now it has evolved into a popular game that can play fort, earn money, attract attention, and attract money. Let us bring you today. Let everyone understand the fish machine strategy of the online casino, let everyone redefine the greatness of the fishing machine game!

The fishing machine became the current fishing machine because many engineers saw the tide of money it attracted, and they reset the goldfish game and evolved into the current fishing machine.

Since the game of goldfish fishing has become a fishing machine for shooting sharks today, it has become popular in an instant, and it has spread to various fields, from the Internet PC to mobile games, and even the entertainment city has its own fishing. Fish game, let’s explore the charm and unknown side of fishing machine together now!

Origin of fishing machine

The fishing machine was originally a game for leisure and entertainment. When it flowed into China from Japan, it used a fishing game like fishing with a net in a night market, but the engineer turned it into a cannon. A game in which you can get corresponding rewards by attacking the school of fish is even more exciting in terms of experience!

Fishing machine is easy to use

Fishing machines of various fishing games, mobile games, or other games derived from it… etc. It is precisely because the gameplay of this game is simple and easy to use that it can quickly become popular among various consumer player groups. And because the graphics of the fishing machine are very easy to understand, it can easily cross the language barrier and become popular all over the world. With the current flow of information and the intercommunication of the Internet, the fishing machine will become more popular.

What are the contenders for the fishing machine?

From the perspective of fairness, this game is controlled by probability and difficulty. It is really not a completely fair entertainment game. If you really sink into this game, you will definitely spend a lot of money on fishing machines in the end. For less money, not to mention the gamblers who play it as a game, they just sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire, and in the end they may really have nothing. Looking at the enduring gameplay in the game console industry now, only the warranty consoles that allow players and users to experience better and simpler gameplay have always existed, which is also the biggest competitor of the fish-filling machine.

So what is the “cycle” of a fishing machine? It is impossible for the machine to be in a state where people can catch big fish at any time, so there are so-called “eating period” and “out period”, and some will subdivide the “leisure period”. The following is an introduction to each cycle:

eat in installments

Don’t be deceived, because it is not you who eat the points, but the machine will eat your points! During this period, although some fish will swim by, but it is not easy to fight. At this time, don’t think about catching a lot, just keep your troops still, observe carefully, use cheap guns to catch small fish that are easy to catch, and wait for the appearance of the installment.

out installment

After the machine has taken a certain number of points, it will start to enter and exit the staging. This period is the time to show your skills. The number of fish is large and it is easy to make up for it. Even some fish that are usually difficult to catch can be solved with two or three cannons, so don’t be afraid and quickly use high-quality cannons. The school of fish was wiped out. When will the installment appear? Of course, the machine will not tell you, you have to make good use of your own observations. When you find that the fish is getting better and better, it is very likely that you have entered the stage.

leisure time

The leisure period is a period in which no one loses, and the machine will keep you in a state of neither losing nor winning. However, the fun of the fishing machine lies in the sense of loss of not being able to catch fish and the sense of achievement in catching fish, so less attention and mention are made during the leisure period.

After you have a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of each cycle of the fishing machine, the most important thing is to actually experience it. Through basic understanding and accumulated observation experience again and again, I believe you will also become a fishing master!

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