How to play fried golden flower?

The most detailed teaching of how to play

You may have played baccarat, or you may have played blackjack, Texas hold’em… However, few people have played “Jinhua”, mainly because most people don’t know how to play the game? However, as long as you read this article, I believe that all my friends will be able to earn a lot of money in Fried Gold Flowers right away! Because Fried Golden Flower is really a very simple game!

How to play the game teaching

Fried Golden Flower is a card game that has been widely circulated among the people for a long time. It is mainly divided into “Dragon and Phoenix” and the two sides will win or lose with 3 cards. It has its own unique card comparison rules. In addition, players can also get more payouts by betting on the “card type” of 3 cards.

In each game, the 52 poker cards that do not contain ghost cards will be re-shuffled and then dealt. Players must bet before the cards are dealt. There are 7 betting areas such as flush, straight flush, leopard, etc. for betting. After the card is opened, the players will win or lose and the winnings will be determined according to the card type.


In the teaching of fried golden flower gameplay, when comparing wins and losses, the size of the cards will be compared first, and then the points of the three cards will be arranged in descending order. The same, even if it is a “tie”, all bets will be refunded.

The following are several general card types in the teaching of fried golden flower gameplay:


Among the hand types in the teaching of these kinds of golden flower gameplay, the card types are roughly from small to leopard → straight flush → flush → straight → pair → loose. The size of the points is A→K→Q→J→10→9→8→7→6→5→4→3→2. It should be noted here that in the teaching of fried golden flower gameplay, only It will be compared to “card type” and “points”, not “suit”. Suit is only an element to make up a “flush type”, and it will not be a condition for winning or losing.

The way of winning and losing is also slightly different in different card types. There are the following points:

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