how to play arcade games

What is an arcade?

Arcade machines, namely street game machines, pedestrian arcade game machines, also known as large-scale video games, are game machines placed in public entertainment venues or electronic playgrounds for business use. The earliest prototype of large-scale video games was born in the United States in 1971. Inside the bar. The home game console is the opposite of the street game console.



What is the history of arcade machines?

A game executed on a large video game is a large video game. Large-scale video games originated in the early 1970s and prevailed from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s. Large-scale video game platforms are known for their side-scrolling games and fighting games, and aircraft shooting games are more popular, while the popular role-playing games (RPG) on home consoles are not suitable for large-scale video games. In the early days, home consoles were weak and difficult to display the form and quality of large-scale video games, while personal computers (PCs) tended to be professional and office applications, with low household penetration and were equally difficult to display the quality of large-scale video games. Later, with the development of multimedia and the advancement of software and hardware and operating system interfaces, the advantages of PCs and home consoles have become increasingly obvious, and the large-scale video game industry has gradually withered. In the late 1990s, while SNK’s Fighting Kings and Vietnam War were still popular, the entire industry had begun to decline.

After entering the 21st century, large-scale video games are rapidly declining and increasingly out of the public eye. The situation of large-scale video games in different regions is different. For example, the weakening speed of large-scale video games in Japan is relatively slow, while the large-scale video game halls in mainland China are affected by the policy.

Large-scale video games in a broad sense also include large-scale video games of mahjong, large-scale video games of racing cars, and even doll machines. Famous manufacturers in the history of large-scale video games include: Atari (Atari), SEGA (Sega), Taito (Taito), Namco (Namco), Konami (Konami), Technōs Japan, Capcom (CAPCOM), SNK And Caijing (Psikyo) et al.

Why does everyone love arcades?

Classic arcade games are all powerful tricks. Arcade games are more memorable games and have a sense of age. For many players born in the 1980s, many arcade games at that time have become classics in your mind. As a platform in the early domestic game field at that time, he brought us many beautiful and happy memories. Even after many years, many gamers who love arcades will go to modern video game arcades to experience the classic arcades of the past.


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