Fishing machine skills cracking strategy public

Fishing machine skills cracking strategy is open! Make you the heir to the throne of the underwater world of Atlantis!

I believe that everyone is still not satisfied with the feeling of fishing tycoons and dragon ball fishing, shooting cannonballs at the fish that have no sense of survival?

This is also different from other casino games. Fishing machine is like a casual game that feels like an amusement park, but its charm is irresistible to some people, and it will become a customer after a try.

The main principle of fishing machine

This kind of fishing machine cracking machine will have at least two ways to guarantee winning money,

The first: is the rake rate. If the player bets 1000 coins, the machine will draw a few coins.

Second: the control value of the game coin inventory, initially there will be an initial inventory amount.

Assumption: the initial amount of a machine is 1000w, the player Xiaobu wins 500w, and the game machine will have 500w left, and at this time it is difficult for you to win it back.

But it happens that the player Xiaoen loses 2000w, and the inventory of the game machine will be 2500w. At this time, you will have the opportunity to put Xiaoen’s lost money into your pocket.

The key point of fishing machine skills is coming. Generally, there will be many players playing on the machine, that is, the money you win is not the money in the machine, but the money lost by other players, so you can slow down and observe other players. , the value of winning and losing, and then to judge how to enter the market.

Fishing also has sub-periods? How to judge?

The fishing machine strategy is divided into three cycles, three cycles of eating points, spitting points, and leisure. The following is my analysis.

Eating staging: During this period, the machines are all consuming points, so it is very difficult to fight. It is recommended that you observe carefully and wait for a good opportunity.

Vomiting stage: No matter how you play. It’s all good, big and good, but you need to slowly observe and wait for an opportunity, you will feel better and better to play, then you must quickly pay a lot of money, usually difficult to catch fish will also become much weaker.

Leisure period: The machines in this period will create a state of balance with each other, allowing you to maintain a state of neither losing nor winning.

The general game hall fishing machine cracking principle, eats the points lost by others, spit a little back, and generates the motivation to continue playing, even if you win money, you will win the money others lost, and the final winner is the fishing machine tower.

How to judge the cycle of the fishing machine?

First of all, you must first observe the fishing machine strategy, use yourself to spend a lot of time on a machine to observe, and then have a good relationship with the customer service staff to understand how much the machine has eaten, how much it has vomited, and how much inventory.

You can also try to test the machine with small bubbles, then wait quietly, wait until the fish is good to hit, then consider whether to slowly increase the gun, and then slowly speed up when you find that it is getting smoother, and wait until the fish is not easy to hit. When it’s time to change it to a small gun immediately, don’t use the same frequency to fish, it will lose everything.

Fishing machine skills need to have a certain sense of rhythm, but also to withstand the temptation. Once you reach a certain level, you need to stop. I believe many people understand the truth, but who can really control themselves when playing.

Explanation of fishing machine cross eating and spit points

To put it simply, cross-eating and spit-out will not result in the situation of all-eating and spit-out. In this case, there will be several positions for spit-out. If there are several positions for spit-out, then this is cross-eating. To spit out points, let’s use several situations and strategies to illustrate cross-eating and spit points.

Question 1. The location of the lucky red

Generally speaking, the fishing platform will only give points to 1~3 positions, so most of the points are eaten by one player and given to another player, or two players are given to another player.

Then at this time, you must observe carefully, and observe whether your position is taking points or vomiting points. If the spitting points are where you are, then please take advantage of this opportunity.

Question 2. The location of bad luck

This situation is just the opposite of the first situation. If you are in a bad position and you are constantly getting points, but you must first judge whether you are eating in stages or cross-eating points is the main point of fishing machine cracking. .

So what we need to do at this time is to first check whether the small gun value is still being cut and eaten. If you are observing whether other positions are vomiting points, if you find that there are 1 or 2 positions, it means that it is now cross-cutting and vomiting points. .

Fishing machine strategy coping strategy: If you find that it is a cross spit stage now, and you are in a scoring position, you should stop shooting immediately, and you can start shooting when you observe the spitting position.

But you should pay attention to whether you are eating in installments. If you are taking instalments and you are taking points yourself, please slow down first.

In conclusion, when eating and vomiting points, it is either one’s own points or others’ points. The most important fishing skills are observation and judgment. Only by knowing how to observe can you judge what the current fishing strategy cycle is, and then make correct decisions. Fishing machine cracking strategy!

Mindset analysis and time focus

In fact, no matter what you play, you need to maintain a clear thinking and rational control. This is very important. There are often people who want to win again after winning, and want to come back when they lose. , If you play to the point of becoming obsessed, even if you have stunts, it is useless.

In fact, fishing is also an entertainment game, don’t take it as a tool to win money, fishing is not 100% sure to win, so you need to control your mentality.

And remember that if you don’t fight a word, you will win, you can walk away if you win, and stop when you lose. But if self-control is poor, it is recommended that you play other games.

Take control of the fishing season

Control your play time, play three to four hours a day, why?

The reason is actually very simple. Everyone has about seven or eight hours of energy a day. Playing a computer will also consume energy, and if you don’t continue to do anything for that long, you won’t feel tired.

Even if there is no violent action, it takes energy to pay attention to the strategy cycle of the fishing machine and to aim and launch the fishing machine skills. When the energy is weak, the thinking will become dull. At this time, is it not free to give your own money when you play? ? So it is very important to control the time!

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