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Electronic slot machine probability of winning

To calculate RTP, you need to know the probability of getting various symbol combinations. The probability of each combination multiplied by the payout for that combination increases the RTP. When you add them all, you get the overall RTP of the game.

Calculating player returns is simple. You multiply the probability of each winning combination by the winning amount. Then you add up all those numbers to get the total return for the gamer.

For example, if you have a combination that comes up 20% of the time and it pays off at a 1-to-1 ratio, the money is equal to 20% of the machine’s total return. If you have another combination that comes up 13% of the time and pays off at a 2-for-1 ratio, that adds another 26% to your ROI.


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Combination #3 has a 7% probability, but 1 has a 3 return. This will increase your ROI by 21%.

Finally, let’s say you have 2 more combinations, each of which only occurs 1% of the time. One returns 6 of 1 and the other returns 1 of 10. This will increase your overall ROI by 0.6% and 0.1%.

Add them all together and you have a total ROI or rate of return of 67.7%.

It sounds bad, but you’ll find video slot machines in almost such bad places like airports, bars and convenience stores.

The bigger problem with opaque payout percentages
Here’s the bigger question, though:

You don’t have any way of determining the likelihood of getting a particular combination.

The symbol is already included in the game’s program, but couldn’t figure it out just by looking at the possible number of symbols.

That’s because different symbols are weighted differently. Some symbols may be programmed to appear every 10th spin, but others may only appear every 12th.

You can record the actual result for each symbol on every spin over hundreds of spins and estimate it, but you’ll only be accurate if you keep a lot of trials.

To make matters worse, two identical electronic slot machines may have different programming. One game has an 85% RTP, while the same game next to it has an RTP of 92%.

This is a problem because video slots are the only games in the casino and you can’t compare the house edge of the game when deciding which game to play.

Avoiding the gambler’s fallacy is a good video slot strategy
Avoiding stupidity is always a good gambling strategy. You should be realistic about what you encounter at the casino, if you don’t have actual numbers to deal with, then you can’t do it.

But I think the most outstanding video slot strategy touted is to play hot or expired games.

The idea of ​​the game getting hot is that it has been paying out a lot of coins for the last few spins, so since it’s “hot”, you should play it as you’re more likely to profit from it.

Another thought, that the game was due, was quite the opposite. The idea is that a game that hasn’t been paid for in a while requires payment, so you should play it.

If you notice, these two ideas are mutually exclusive.

the reason is simple:

Looking back, we can only see streaks of winning and losing. They have no predictive value. No.

Due to the random nature of gambling games, you will see a winning and losing streak. You just can’t predict when it will start and/or end. impossible.

The idea that previous outcomes affect the probability of subsequent outcomes is known as the “gambler’s fallacy.” Gamblers often make mistakes when considering their probabilities.

The truth is that in most gambling games, each bet is an independent event. If the probability of winning a jackpot in a video slot game is 1/1000, it will still be 1/1000 on the next spin, regardless of whether you hit it on the previous spin or not.

Which strategy should I use when playing Electronic Slot Machine?

I can’t give you a strategy to beat those ad slots that work on any kind of consistent basis. What you read about the so-called zig-zag system is just nonsense. Having any number of money management strategies like victory targets or stop-loss limits will not work in your favor.

As far as I know, the best strategy for playing video slots is to skip them in favor of a better game.

If you still want to play video slots, find a way to play that makes you have fun.

I once read an interesting article where the author tried to put a coin on every machine on the floor during gambling. This is a fun way to play video slot machines.


Additionally, it limits the amount you can lose by artificially slowing down the game. Video slot players average 500 spins per hour. If you bet $3 per spin, that means investing $1500 per hour. If the game’s house yield is 6%, you’re losing $90 an hour.

However, if you can cut the number of spins per hour in half, your cost of playing video slots will drop to $45/hour.

This is still unacceptable to me, but if you enjoy playing video slots, you should try to make it as cheap as possible.

There are a few things you can do to find a higher ROI
Mathematically speaking, you cannot tell one electronic slot machine from another. Nonetheless, we can classify electronic slot machines according to their likelihood of providing above-average returns.

Here is an example:
Video slots at Las Vegas airports are notoriously tight. You’re probably looking for games with returns between 75% and 85%.

Contrast that with the ROI you can find on the Las Vegas Strip. Even the worst casinos in the Gaza Strip have a ROI of at least 92%.

Differences in video slot game types are also important.

Progressive video slots – one of the games with an automatic jackpot offer that shows the amount of the jackpot – almost always pays off less than other video slot games.

The reason should be obvious:

For one thing, you may never hit a huge progressive jackpot. This is the route to play the lottery. There is a high chance that you will be struck by lightning.

Since the size of this jackpot is a factor in the payback percentage, if you are actually guaranteed to never hit the jackpot, you cannot (for practical purposes) count it as part of the payback percentage.

Additionally, the machine has to “fuel” that jackpot with a small portion of each bet and use it to increase the size of the jackpot.

Where does this fuel come from?

Direct from ROI.

Therefore, an effective strategy for winning at the slot machines is to avoid progressive games as much as possible.

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