Dragon and Tiger Fighting Game

Many people can’t learn how to play baccarat. At this time, you can try the Dragon Tiger Fight in SWAG GAMING Casino. The rules of Dragon Tiger Fight are much simpler than baccarat. Neither the banker nor the idler will be ripped off. Unless it is a draw, a 50% commission will be drawn. The first two points alone will attract many players for a long time. Then take a good look at this game introduction of Dragon Tiger Fight!

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What is Dragon Fighting?

Simply put, it is a poker game in which the size of the card determines the winning or losing. It will not be compared for suits, but only used to compare points. The order is K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. , 5, 4, 3, 2, A. The order is with K being the largest and A being the smallest.

How to play Dragon Tiger Fight?

The entire game uses eight decks of playing cards, and players can bet on 11 betting options such as Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Dragon Single, Dragon Double, Tiger Single, Tiger Double, Dragon Red, Dragon Black, Tiger Red, and Tiger Black.

Before the dealer distributes the cards, the player needs to bet first. After the betting is completed, the dealer will only distribute two cards, one for the dragon and one for the tiger, first to the dragon’s position, and then to the tiger’s Position, at the end, the two sides compare the size, and the bigger one is the winner. If the two cards have the same rank, it is a draw.

In addition to the betting method, there is also the feature of fixed banker. Dingzhuang means that all players who meet the conditions for applying for a Zhuangzhuang can apply for Zhuangzhuang. The conditions for Zhuangzhuang are set by the background, such as setting an amount. As long as players who have more than this amount of gold coins can apply for Zhuangzhuang, they can serve as a maximum of 15 bankers each time, but as long as the application If the player’s amount is less than the dealer’s amount, he can act as the dealer for up to 30 hands.

Dragon Tiger Fight Odds

In the game, if a dragon or tiger is drawn, the banker will not take a commission, but if the player bets on a dragon or a tiger when the draw is drawn, the banker will take a 50% commission. The general odds are as described below.

Dragon: The winner is 1 to 1 and loses half of the bet amount when opening a draw.
Tiger: The winning side is 1 to 1, and loses half of the bet amount when opening a draw.
And: The winner is 8 to 1.
Dragon Single: The winning side is single and Dragon > Tiger, odds are 1:0.75.
Dragon Double: The winning side is double and Dragon > Tiger, the odds are 1:1.05.
Tiger Single: The winning side is single and Tiger>Dragon, the odds are 1:0.75.
Tiger Double: The winning side is a double and Tiger > Dragon, the odds are 1:1.05.
Dragon Red: The winning side is a suit of hearts or diamonds and a dragon, with odds of 1:0.9.
Dragon Black: The winning side is a club or spade and a dragon, the odds are 1:1.9.
Tiger Red: The winner is a card suit of hearts or diamonds and a tiger, with odds of 1:0.9.
Tiger Black: The winner is a card with clubs or spades and a tiger, with odds of 1:1.9.
Therefore, dragon and tiger is actually a game of big and small. The way of betting is very similar to baccarat. As for how to bet, this is another knowledge. Therefore, you should set your own goals before going to the table and implement them solidly. , so that you can win a hundred battles!

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