BNG Video Game

BNG Video Game: Big Three

Compared with other games, Big Sanyuan is much simpler and more violent, and it is suitable for simple and clear players. The big three yuan is more like the bingo machine of the traditional game field in the past. Although it is simple, the process is very enjoyable at the moment of opening. Perfect for those who like nostalgic style, or those who like simplicity and clarity!


The big triple is the wild symbol, which has a chance to appear on all reels during the game, and the wild symbol can replace all symbols except the bonus. The bonus symbol will only appear on the second reel M during the game.

And bonus symbols only appear in bonus games.

BNG Video Game: Scarab Dynasty

In Scarab Dynasty, you only need to gather 6 suns to start the bonus game. After the bonus game starts, you will get 3 re-spins. Every time a new sun is re-rolled, the re-spin will reset to 3 times. The bonus game ends when there are no more spins left, or 15 suns have been gathered.


During the bonus game, randomly appearing small prize symbols can be exchanged for small prizes, and randomly appearing large and small symbols can be exchanged for big prizes, so as long as 15 suns are collected, it is possible to win the highest prize!


So where to play BN video games? Of course it’s Swag gaming! The Swag gaming online casino platform, of course, not only has the option of video games, but also live baccarat, lottery, sports competitions, etc. for you to choose. The most special thing is that the casino scenes in live baccarat are all designed by us. Live streaming in foreign casinos, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the casino even when you cannot go abroad during the epidemic!

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