Baccarat Taboo

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Baccarat, is there really a taboo in playing cards?

Gambling is a windfall, and since you make a mistake, you have to believe in evil. For example, the familiar SWAG GAMING baccarat, although the winner is the banker or the idler, but the eyebrows are very important, especially for the veterans of Bojiulai baccarat, also believe in forbidden legends

I heard that there was once a very prosperous gambler in Macau. 7 times out of 10 when he stepped into the casino, he was a big winner. He was too conceited because he kept winning money. Lose all the property inside. So what are the taboos of Bojiulai Baccarat that need to be paid attention to? The editor has read countless materials and finally counted the three taboo rules. If you are reading now, please continue to read, as the saying goes, cure diseases , No disease and strong health, take a little time to read and will not suffer.

Baccarat Taboo No. 1: Use the card value to refer to whether it is necessary to continue playing

The fun part of playing swag gaming baccarat is that when the cards have not been revealed, don’t be full of confidence and always feel that you are sure to win, because there are two other outcomes: a draw and a loss, so check whether the card value is today. It is suitable for betting on baccarat. The easiest way is that when you get 8 points, your opponent also gets 8 or 9 points; The value of the card is also 1 point. Except that the 9 points become 0, it is basically guaranteed to either draw or win, but often the value of the card added at this time is 9 points, which becomes 1 point for the opponent and 0 points for you, of course, the opponent wins. If this happens, if you still want to play, quickly put your money in a safe place, and come back to get it after you have finished gambling, otherwise you will most likely lose it all.

The second point of baccarat taboo: playing cards impatiently, not greedy, blindly following the lights

Many people will play against the lucky players at the gambling table in order to win the cards. This situation not only hurts the peace, but it is also very likely that they will lose themselves. It is necessary to believe that luck is so evil, the gambler once said , When the luck is good, the city walls can’t stand it, why would you want to vomit for money?

When it is very taboo to play with emotions at the gambling table, the version of baccarat is one of the reference indicators. Don’t worship it as a bible. If the result is far from the preset in your heart, when you lose three hands in a row You should not continue betting. The best thing to do at this time is to stop and pre-set in your mind what will open in this hand. Wait until the opening result matches the pre-set result and then bet slowly. The casino is open for 24 hours, so there is no need to rush. For a while, if you get impatient, the result is usually the loser leaving.

Of course, the most important thing is not to blindly follow the lights or become greedy. You should treat games as entertainment, rather than gambling your wealth at the gambling table like a movie. Once the profit goal is achieved, don’t be nostalgic anymore. Could it be that he just likes to gamble and doesn’t like money.

Baccarat Taboo Point 3

Don’t speak recklessly at the gambling table before playing cards, and remember not to fluctuate too much in betting chips
The third point of statistics for everyone, this is also the biggest factor in the allocation of chips in Baccarat betting. We all know that it is very easy to win in swag gaming baccarat, but the point is not how much you win, but how much you win. How much you lose can control your mood at the moment. So betting chips depends on everything, and you must not blindly bet big or small, or you will have a chance to win with small bets and lose money with large bets. When this happens a few times, rational people will Lose your mind and keep telling yourself that you may fight back. If you fall into this situation, even if you have exhausted your betting method, you will lose all of your bets next time, so the fluctuation of chips should not be too big, and you can control it at most. After the first hand, 20% more is enough, for example, bet 1000 on the first hand; no more than 1200 on the second hand.

Others often say that being arrogant has your own way. This is not unreasonable. I often see rich and powerful guests at the casino table, and the tone of their speech is unbelievable. The editor assures you that speaking in front of the gambling table is loud, rude and arrogant. The guests were all lost in the end.

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