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Baccarat prediction magic

In countless SWAG GAMING casino studies, we have found a feature: we can predict the future distribution of Zhuang Xian according to this feature.
For example: when a banker or a player has two or more consecutive openings (黐) at a time, it becomes a single opening (only one opening), then it can be predicted that the future openings will mostly be based on its opponent main. We should accordingly focus our bets on the other side (the other side).
For example: our current betting strategy is mainly to buy the banker, if we encounter the following situations:
Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang (Zhuang Liankai)
Zhuang (zhuang single open)
Idle Idle Idle (Start the betting target from the second shop, and immediately transfer to the “reverse buy” based on buying idle, in principle, use flat bets to buy)
This is my most basic prediction magic. It seems simple, but it took me more than ten or twenty years of research to develop it. Ninety-nine percent of people who play SWAG GAMING Casino Baccarat don’t know this feature! With this prediction magic, we can increase the accuracy of our bets.

Chapter 4: Formula for Betting Banker and Player

The way most people bet on Zhuang Xian is “see Zhuang and buy Zhuang, see Zhuang and buy Zhuang”. We take this as the basic betting method, and then adjust the strategy according to the situation.
In SWAG GAMING, we start with every new station. There are eight decks of poker for each boot card, and there are about 60 shops. After deducting the draw, there are actually only more than 50 cards. If we are to have the greatest chance of winning, we must start with new cards!
When the game starts, we look at the first deck and then start betting from the second deck. That is to say: when a banker or a player is opened in the first deck of the game, we can call the buy bet.
Our formula is: take the first spread out as the main betting target. For example, when the first shop opened a village, we focused on the village, and shopped and bought the village. Until there is a situation where only one banker is opened, I will transfer the bid to idle.
Formula 1: Whenever there are two consecutive losses in total, stop betting on a bank;
Formula 2: We must start betting from the second deck of Xintai. After winning 3 bets on each table (sometimes more), immediately stop and play another new table. This method is called “cutting the grass”;
Formula 3: Whenever there is a situation of “two loses, one win and two losses – – + – –” or “four consecutive losses – – – –”, it is necessary to immediately take the “banker method” (reverse buy). Apply all the formulas in reverse, until the original formula wins three times in a row, then change from anti-buy to positive buy;
That’s the beauty of the combination of formulas and “doing methods”!
Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang (The first shop has opened a Zhuang, so the strategy to use is to temporarily focus on Zhuang, and shop to buy Zhuang)
Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang (Zhuang Liankai)
free time
Zhuang (zhuang single open)
Idle Idle Idle (start from the second shop, shift the target to idle, give priority to idle, and change it when the situation changes)
Xian Xian (A total of four are offered for free, and one is offered by Zhuang, which is beneficial for buying free, which confirms that the prediction is correct)
Formula 4: When the opponent opens three times in a row, they must raise and call the opponent until it ends and start again.
Free time free free time
Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang [Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang] (the opponent opened 3 consecutive Zhuang Zhuang, so change the strategy and use 2 base yards to “raise” to buy Zhuang Zhuang until the end)
Idle Idle Idle (Starting from the second shop, reply to the main goal to buy idle)
“- – + – -” and “- – – -” can be recorded during actual combat or written during observation. But stops are not counted. For example: “- – stop + – – “, we also regard it as “- – + – -“. SWAG GAMING Casino
If you win three bases in a new table, if you don’t turn the table in time, you run the risk of not having any cards to recover the number you have lost. Therefore, in order to ensure that we have enough cards to turn defeat into victory, we still follow Mr. Feng’s teaching, and it is better to turn the table when each new table wins three base yards.


Friends, good afternoon!
Talking about gambling skills with my friends, for me, is the most enjoyable and most able to teach me something.
Friends ask me which gambling technique is the best, or which method can win in Bojiulai Casino. My answer is usually to tell them that all roads lead to Rome, and any gambling method is fine. Makes people win, but also makes people lose money when the wind is headed.
Since the outcome of gambling must be both winning and losing, then we must develop the character of patience. Don’t raise indiscriminately when you’re down. Make sure that you lose the least when you lose and win the most when you win (the betting method cannot be designed to be a losing situation, for example: 1, 2 buy 2 after winning 1, but if 2 loses, it will lose 1 ), to win without pride and defeat without discouragement.
In SWAG GAMING entertainment city, you can’t show people with real expressions. Don’t win ecstasy and lose regret. A successful gambler should know how to be happy and angry.
Today, I released Mr. Feng’s third article “Baccarat Winning Formula of Bo Jiulai Entertainment City” (the sequel), hoping that interested netizens will take the time to read it. Thank you for your support.

Baccarat winning formula


Zhuang Zhuang (At the beginning of the game, the first shop opens the Zhuang, so the Zhuang is used as an indicator, and the shop buys the Zhuang)

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