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Just like when you bet on lottery games, you can’t see the game with high odds and jump into it with joy. The same is true for cable play. No matter how many old players you have heard about how to make a profit or lose, you must also After first understanding and analysis, you can decide whether you are suitable for this kind of cable laying method. There is a popular phrase on the beauty discussion page on the Internet, “Your honey is my poison”, which is also used in baccarat. What suits others may not suit you, but knowing a little more is no harm for players to study Bo Jiulai Casino games.

Baccarat direct cable

The most important thing about “straight cable” is “cutting time”. Common bet allocations are as follows:

Of course, players can also “customize” a set of exclusive betting allocation methods for themselves, and follow the rules to place bets systematically. But you have also seen that the common bet allocations in the above examples are all based on multiples. In short, you need enough money to support the straight cable play.


Another very important point is that even if you think that A’s play is very smooth today, you must not use the “same cable” to win the entire casino Xiao Xiang. Even at the same table, it is difficult to bet nine out of ten with just one cable. But this is not to suggest that players can jump the cable at will when things go wrong, but hope that players pay attention to the timing of cutting in and set a stop loss or profit point.

For example, if the player chooses the “1-3-7-15…” cable today, you don’t necessarily have to play the entire branch cable, depending on the amount of principal today or other conditions. If you finally choose to only play the first four, it is equivalent to only 26 bets.

After making a good strategy, don’t rush out of the game, and then set a profit target, such as 26 stakes for the principal and 30 stakes for the profit target. Once you have a profit target, you can start to observe the direction of the game and follow the system to bet. Of course, players are not limited to the same table. If you find that you are having a hard time playing at this table, you can just switch tables and play.

But don’t be stubborn to achieve the profit target of the day, setting a stop loss point is really important, very important, very important! However, if you are fortunate enough to achieve the profit goal, don’t think about chasing after the victory, lest even the most basic profit will be lost in the next.

The stop-loss points of the straight cable play are set in the two situations of “profit target achieved” and “bad luck breaking the cable”, so that even if you can’t win a lot of money, it won’t be too bad.


The introduction of the baccarat cable method has come to an end. I hope that players who have read this article can find a cable method that suits them. As long as you win with your method, no matter how others say your method is wrong, Your theory is wrong, you will be a fool if you continue to go in this direction, the fact is that you win, and you continue to win, you are the winner! Then I don’t know who is the big fool!

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