1 article for you to understand the online coin pusher

How to play the online coin pusher?

The online coin pusher, literally explained, is to convert the physical coin pusher into an online casino game online. You can restore the coin pusher by directly making the scene of the app game screen, or by using the live broadcast method. In the scene, the coin pusher has also become a popular game under the maturity of network technology, and it is also a handheld game.

The coin pusher can provide everyone with a lot of entertainment and entertainment, and it has also become a good choice for many young people to pass the time during the epidemic. Whether it is a person who watches the coin machine game or a player who plays the coin machine, you can Have fun in the coin pusher game.

Online coin pusher history

The coin pusher can also be called a silver pusher or a money pusher (English name: Coin pusher, which is a mechanical electric game machine in indoor amusement parks, just like our common gashapon machines, doll machines, etc.) It is a mechanical electric game machine.

The real coin pusher is a large transparent box full of coins. Players can see piles of coins in the box, which are almost all the tokens of the playground itself. After the token, if the token hill collapses, then the player can get the token. Although this seems to be an easy way to play, there is still a gambling element in it. If you are too addicted to the coin pusher , in the end, the coin pusher will dominate you, and the winner will not be you, but the coin pusher itself.

Online coin pusher operation method

Click the coin button or the blank space to insert the coin, and the game token will fall out of the swing.
Use the dropped game tokens to smash the mobile SPIN.
Connection reward: from left to right, if you hit two identical ones, you will get the corresponding aromatic tree
Wheel reward: If you hit three identical patterns, you will be given the corresponding wheel score.
Special Rewards: Two identical patterns, plus a special pattern, can get special rewards.
If you hit the lighted pattern, the score will be increased by one point.
Smashing the lighted out will eliminate the two-level score.
When you invest a certain amount of game tokens, the score of 1 ugly, 2 ugly and 3 ugly will increase by 1.
All game values are automatically saved, and you can continue the game when you start the game.


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